PHESIA Massage has stopped trading. 

We would like to thank all of our clients – we have had the best clients!

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Regardless of why you are contacting us all our sessions start in the same way; we will ask you to fill out a consultation form to get a better understanding of you, your body and any issues you are experiencing.  Before any treatment begins we will discuss your consultation form and together decide on the best course of action.  Our treatments vary depending on your needs and requirements. 

Are you suffering from specific problems that restricts you and/or is causing you pain?  Then we would recommend more remedial work.  This type of work is built on a collaboration between the therapist and the client.  With our knowledge and experience we can apply a variety of different remedial techniques to address the issues you are experiencing and this can of course be combined with general massage.  If you are suffering from sporting injuries, occupational  strain injuries, overuse syndrome or similar then this is the treatment for you!

Neuromuscular technique applied to hamstrings

If you are suffering from muscular skeletal injuries or conditions we are happy to assist with rehabilitation plans together with rehabilitation specialists.  If you would benefit from treatments outside our remit then we are happy to assist with referrals to suitable practitioner such as Osteopath or Physiotherapist.

Suffering from muscle tension, aches and pains?  Muscle tension can cause discomfort and pain and make us feel restricted whether located in a specific area or generally.  If this is the case then we would recommend a general massage treatment where we focus on tension release by applying deep tissue techniques and other techniques to aid muscle relaxation.  This type of treatment can include remedial work or be purely a general massage session that allows you to rest and relax during the treatment.

Feeling stressed and in need of relaxation?  Sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves and escape the demands of everyday life.  We are happy to offer you a relaxing, pampering massage session to help you feel relaxed and invigorated.  If this is what you need then we are here for you!

stretching ostheopathy procedure in the neck

Can you have both a remedial and a relaxing massage at the same time?  Of course you can!

We would like to extend an extra welcome to our pregnant clients – our treatments are suitable throughout all three trimesters.  Being pregnant can be an overwhelming time and pregnancies vary from woman to woman.  If you are suffering from any aches and pains due to your pregnancy then we are happy to help you!  Check out our Pregnancy Clinic page for more information. 

What is the right treatment for you?  We will begin our treatment with a consultation discussing your individual needs and requirements and tailor the treatment to your specific needs.  We will decide together what would be most suitable for you.

How long is a treatment?  The treatments offered can be between 30 to 120 minutes depending on your preference.  Treatments can be shorter if you prefer focusing on a certain area or a longer treatment covering more areas or even a full body massage.

For more information and to book an appointment please click here or contact us directly on:

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